Costpoint Human Resources with Benefits

Compensation Planning
Any well run organization knows how to keep their employees happy and feeling valued. With Costpoint’s Compensation Module you can design employee review forms, perform reverse aging of upcoming reviews, set up email notifications, manage compensation budgeting and forecasting, use automated processes to create new salary records, and provide salary survey processing with automated uploads of survey data. From a single screen you can manage your employee data and ensure the right people are being fairly compensated for their work.

Having visibility of your personnel and putting the appropriate processes in place to manage them is a valuable step all firms should take to ensure smooth operations. With Costpoint’s Personnel module you have the ability to establish a required forms checklist, set up training activities and schedules by employee, create and track service awards, track and maintain employee CEU credits, keep record of employee drug testing information and employee grievances, design employee exit interview forms, include employee photos in data files, and track company property and employee security clearance. Let your employees thrive by keeping track of their needs and structuring your organization to effortlessly support them.

Deferred Compensation
If your organization is set up to offer deferred compensation you want to be sure your back-end numbers are in line. With Costpoint’s Deferred Compensation Module you can identify employees who are members of your plan and their vesting percentages and produce the ADP and ACP discrimination testing reports. You have the ability to carry out “what-if” forecasting to determine funds available in different situations, keep a listing of employees and amounts deducted, and manage vesting tracking and employee loan accounting. When it comes to deferred compensation be sure you are on top of the numbers and ahead of the game.

Benefit plans are important not only for attracting potential candidates but for providing stable and effective protection for your employees. Costpoint’s Benefits Module performs three related but distinct functions that do just that. First, employee benefit elections allow employees to opt in or out of your organizations benefit options. Second, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) processing lets you manage employee-spending accounts. Third, medical surveillance lets you track employee medical test/exam information that your company may require. Take care of your employees by taking care of your benefit plan.

Employee Self Service
Let your employees help you by giving them control over their personal information. With Costpoint’s Employee Self Service Module you can allow your employees to make changes to their account information including address, phone numbers, marital status, dependencies, benefit elections, and more. There is no heavy paperwork required and your Human Resources team is freed from having to make all these small changes themselves. Save everyone some time by making your system more flexible and certain employee information more accessible for change.

Affirmative Action
Providing equal opportunities for everyone is a great way to identify under-utilized resources and promote positive progress in the workplace. With Costpoint’s Affirmative Action Module you can track gender and ethnic affiliation to maintain a table listing the numerical value for the eight factors for determining under-utilization. You can perform under-utilization tests separately for minorities and women as well as add or delete employee information using a single application screen. Reporting capabilities include the EEO-1 report, the VET-100 report, a report displaying termination figures related to EEO codes, and employee-related reports that provide information on new hires, transfers, promotions, and training. Give all your employees the chance to grow and prove their worth in your organization.