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Add-On Modules

Contracts Modules

Contract Management

Costpoint Contract Management with CRM centralizes opportunity and contract data across the entire lifecycle. Easily track financial and non-financial contract activities, FAR/DFARS clauses, modifications, supplements and provisions during the pre- or post-award process. Uniquely integrated with GovWin IQ, the system helps reduce data entry, automates the management and administration of government contracts and provides the contract manager a simplified and streamlined solution for managing contracts.

Subcontractor Management

Get paid faster with automated and integrated subcontractor management from Costpoint. Reduce reconciliation efforts between prime contractors and subcontractors by automating labor and expense collection. When subcontractors securely enter their time directly into Costpoint within the established configurable charging rules, there is less data entry, fewer timesheet corrections and timely and accurate project billings. In one click, gain visibility into workloads and agreement funding.

Planning Modules

Budgeting & Planning

Project managers rely on accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions that affect their organization’s success. By adding Costpoint’s budgeting and planning tools you are provided with insight into existing and projected spend, as well as into changing business needs that may affect your financial outlook. These insights allow for seamless sharing of information between teams and accurate execution of tasks in the pipeline.

Materials Modules

Materials Management Services

Costpoint’s Materials Management Services are essential for tracking and managing the lifecycle of materials. These services in include - Product Definition, which is used to define the parts, goods, and services your company buys, sells or tacks. Procurement Planning, which generates and processes purchase requisitions. Purchase Order, which allows you to create and maintain purchase orders and to maintain buyers and vendors. And, Receiving, which lets you process receipts, inspections, and vendor returns agains purchase orders.

Materials Management Manufacturing

Costpoint’s Materials Management Manufacturing solution includes Inventory, Bill of Materials, and Sales Order Entry. With this functionality costs, inventory, manufacturing orders, and other data, are tracked and measured at the project, account and organization levels so that you can stay on top of your operations. This insight is crucial for manufacturing organizations looking to optimize efficiency and production.

People Modules

Human Resources with Benefits

Costpoint’s Human Resources solution allows you to meet the challenge of administering and managing HR, benefits and payroll while remaining compliant and lessening the burden on your internal resources. Deltek’s integrated solution includes Compensation Planning, Personnel, Deferred Compensation, Benefits, Employee Self Service and Affirmative Action.

Employee Self Service

Let your employees help you by giving them control over their personal information. With Costpoint’s Employee Self Service Module you can allow your employees to make changes to their account information including address, phone numbers, marital status, dependencies, benefit elections, and more. There is no heavy paperwork required and your Human Resources team is freed from having to make all these small changes themselves. Save everyone some time by making your system more flexible and certain employee information more accessible for change.

Accounting Modules

Fixed Assets with Government Property Tracking

Don't settle for inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete fixed asset data. Costpoint’s Fixed Assets Module manages the complete lifecycle of your fixed assets, giving you an accurate picture of your assets all in one place. From initial acquisition through tracking, depreciation and disposal, Costpoint Fixed Assets takes away the burden of asset management and gives your firm the right data to make informed decisions.


The Multi-Company feature provides you with a comprehensive view of the transactions, interactions, and activities of all the companies in your enterprise. It allows you to track data for multiple legal entities using a single database and also makes it easy for you to complete and report on intercompany transactions, including intercompany billings.


The Multi-Currency feature lets your enterprise transact business in any number of global currencies, while maintaining core financial records in a single, functional currency. Record vendor invoices, generate client invoices, and process both payments and receipts in any currency while also process employee expense reports containing expense items in different currencies. Multi-Currency functionality expands into exchange rates, managing and billing projects in two different currencies, and much more.