As businesses grow so do their needs. Their transactions becomes greater in volume and complexity, their customer range expands, their need for better visibility becomes critical, and the list goes on. As the company matures so must the systems that run it, which is why it is important to leave your manual processes & startup system behind and upgrade to a solution that both cultivates growth and manages it. Here are some indicators that it might be time to upgrade your system:

  • You need more (or more customizable) reporting
  • You want stronger security for access control, authorization, and approvals
  • You’ve exceeded the file size limitations
  • You’ve run into performance issues when multiple users are accessing the software
  • You want something scalable that can grow with your company
  • You need something that is designed for your particular industry
  • You are looking for more comprehensive functionality
  • You need more knowledgeable, consultative support than what is provided
  • You need more flexibility to handle your specific workflows


Costpoint for Project-Driven Organizations

Costpoint is the industry-leading ERP system for project-driven firms looking for something more robust for their growing business. Here are 5 reasons why Costpoint is the obvious solution for project-driven companies growing out of their manual processes and Quickbooks accounting software.

At CRI we understand your need for greater compliance, visibility, and efficiency. We have helped countless firms break free from their manual processes and upgrade to solutions that allowed their business to thrive. Contact us today for a free systems review and recommendation to see what an ERP upgrade could do for you.