No matter the industry, a company’s image plays a crucial role in their success or lack thereof. The main reason for this is because humans are creatures of instinct. We like to make decisions with our gut. In fact, most of the marketing industry is based on this very idea. When first impressions are made we aren’t analyzing the pros and cons and running data analyses; we either like it or we don’t, and we don’t necessarily know why either. Marketing professionals and psychologists alike have been trying to discern why certain tactics work and others don’t, and their findings are what make up the foundation of the marketing world today. So, the next time you think, “people wont pay attention to this” or “there’s no need to put more thought into that”, know that there is an entire industry based on human psychology that says otherwise.

So, where do you begin? Not every company has a multi-million dollar marketing department that can analyze marketing data, research trends, and execute enormous worldwide marketing campaigns. Here are some basic tactics everyone can use to increase traffic, grow brand recognition, and put their best face forward.

Brand Recognition & Brand Repetition

Have you ever taken one of those “name the company/brand by it’s logo” quizzes? You recognize almost all of them yet still can’t put a name to more than a handful of them. Why is this? One, humans are visual creatures and are very good at recognizing patterns (Subtle hint to go with a logo that is simple enough to remember yet bold enough to not forget). Two, because brand repetition is the easiest way to get brand recognition.

BOOM!! (mic drop)

I know, not the most exciting or secret strategy, but definitely an effective one. In today’s society there are hundreds and thousands of companies that offer the same product or service, and the customer has no good method of ranking quality between them. What they do have is the logo of one brand imprinted in their memory from commercials, ads, and other forms of marketing. While it may seem like a form of manipulation, studies have shown that consumers that buy a product simply by the brand are more satisfied with their purchase and happier with the product long term. How crazy is that? By increasing your brand recognition you are giving customers peace of mind at the time of purchase and into the future. A priceless offering in any industry.

In a web-based world where access to exposure is cheap and easy, there is no reason not to take advantage of all your outlets. The more recognized your brand the easier you make it for your customers to choose you. Plain and simple.

Looks that Kill

The old adage “looks aren’t everything” is generally a good motto to live by. Quality under the surface is more important than one’s outward appearance. But why not have both? Obviously having the best of everything isn’t some sort of hidden proverb, but I propose the idea of focusing just as much on your outward appearance as your inward quality. Here’s why.

Apple has grown to be one of the most successful companies in the 21st century, and any computer guru will tell you that it’s not because they make better computers than everyone else. That’s right, possibly the most successful computer company ever doesn’t make a better product than their competitors. When it comes to power, speed, and functionality Apple is on par at best. The area where Apple blows the competition out of the water is design. So much of their product, advertising, and general image was based on look and feel. People felt that the product was intuitive, sleek, and best of all, sexy.

Most people aren’t going to recognize the difference between a few gigahertz of processing speed or a few gigabytes of RAM, but they will recognize the difference in something they can touch, and see, and feel. You have to appease these senses if you want to attract people to your product or organization. Being qualified isn’t enough these days; almost everyone is qualified. You have to be well thought out, comfortable, and cool.

We’ll continue to grow this list of marketing strategies as time goes on, but for now focus on:

1. Getting your brand out there
Use every outlet at your disposal to grow your image. Be persistent in increasing the quantity of your appearances and you will be sure to see more traffic come your way.

2. The look and feel of your brand
Come across professional, design your marketing platforms around the idea of being intuitive and organized, and present your organization as a sexy, cool, well-oiled machine.

We know not everyone has a marketing department or the time and expertise it takes to run marketing campaigns, which is why CRI offers outsourced consulting, design, management, and implementation for all of your marketing needs. Let us guide you in putting your best face forward and making your brand synonymous with outstanding quality, industry leading service, and well-earned success.