GCS to Costpoint Services

When it comes to GCS Premier to Costpoint 7 conversions, CRI is devoted to making the transition as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our time-tested documented process will deliver a product that allows your business to thrive as it grows, provides for no interruptions to ongoing business processing, and delivers the training required to ensure your team has the systems needed working as you need them to. Contact CRI today to learn how our strategy can work for your business.

GCS to Costpoint Webinar

This webinar provides a thorough overview of the elements involved in a GCS to Costpoint Conversion. The agenda covers CRI's expert view on the When, Why, How, and What of migrating from GCS to Costpoint and is as follows:

  • Client Need/Objectives
  • Why Costpoint?
  • Planning a Successful Transition
    • Overview
    • Things to Consider
      • Licensing - 3 Tiers
      • External Partners - Pros & Cons
    • Criteria for Success
  • The GCS to Costpoint Conversion Process
    • CRI's 9 Steps to Success
    • Timeframes
    • Discussion detailing "The Process"
  • Time Savers & Tips