David Baker

Sr. Vice President/CFO

David Baker is the Sr. Vice President/CFO of Corporate Results Inc. (CRI), where he is responsible for the daily operation of the company. His role includes supporting multiple clients in various CFO and Systems Expert roles as he serves as a financial advisor and problem solver. He has a wide variety of experience working with company executives and sr. management in developing and executing mature business plans. His insight and strategic guidance provides a streamlined pathway to greater success and incorporation of systematic economies.

Mr. Baker has done the planning and implementation of infrastructure and supporting systems for the past 20 years. He has personally supported dozens of companies ranging in size from start-up to large corporations. While assisting them with growth and development activities he has mentored these companies to increase profitability and performance during difficult and tenuous markets.

Prior to his position at CRI, Mr. Baker was at Lloyd Lamont Design where he was responsible for the implementation and expansion of the Accounting System as well as the development of back office functions. Prior to that, Mr. Baker was at SAIC focusing on back office development and financial analysis. Mr. Baker’s work has been instrumental in the growth and development of many companies and he has provided them with stable platforms to transition from outdated systems to current and progressive solutions allowing them to align their growth strategies with their systems and processes. The economies generated during this highly functioning process automation and system integration has been of paramount importance in their success. He has an MBA from the University of Memphis in Finance and has served on numerous Boards of Directors.