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Costpoint System Review & Recommendation Services

Your Costpoint systems investment serves as the foundation that powers your business. The optimization level of your Costpoint and Time and Expense w/ESS systems is rooted in the understanding of the system features that apply to your business needs. A properly tuned Costpoint environment will increase data accuracy, reliability, timeliness, and insight for your management team across your organization. If your Costpoint system has gotten stale and is not tuned up for today fast paced business environment let CRI provide its no obligation systems review & recommendation services today. Signs that it may be time for a systems tune up include:
  • Does your Month End Close take more than a week?
  • Organization Structure that no longer supports the changes that your company has seen due to new lines of business, acquisitions, reorganizations, new markets, etc.
  • Account Structure that no longer produces the types of detailed analysis required to ensure your program managers are getting the data needed to be successful
  • Are you taking advantage of the latest features and new functionality?
    • Preprocessors that make data flow between systems to allow your personnel to stop data processing and start data analysis
    • Import Time & Expense Commitments
    • Project Setup Templates
    • Labor Proration for New Hires and Terminated Employees
    • Leave Reconciliation
  • Are you taking advantage of the right system configuration strategies that allow personnel to get their jobs done faster?
    • High Value Timesheet Defaulting Strategies like Labor Group T/S Defaults
    • Employee Classes that allow business rules to be enforced for Labor Collection
CRI’s no obligation Review & Recommendation Services provides prompt identification of gaps that can render quick plans for system initiatives that will provide your team with the tools needed to be more productive. The CRI team of professionals, most with 10+ years of Costpoint experience and industry knowledge, can tackle system and process issues found and help craft business best practices for your team.