Corporate Results Inc. announces its’ Costpoint Celerity program for small & mid-sized business. The Celerity program delivers a preconfigured suite of products (Costpoint Core, Deltek Time & Expense, and Costpoint Enterprise Reporting) that can be deployed in as little as a few weeks. The speed in which CRI can deliver these tools is unmatched. CRI has taken over 20 years of experience in delivering back office services to the SMB marketplace and prepopulated the Costpoint Core and Deltek Time & Expense software applications so that once the master table data is loaded into the system you can begin using them immediately.

CRI delivers these systems ready to begin master data loading within 48 hours, with many firms ready to ‘Go Live’ within three to four weeks. The Celerity program removes the preconceived notions that Costpoint is too big, too complex, too much work, etc.

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