Costpoint® | ERP Software

Core People Modules

Keeping up to date information on your employees is crucial for all organizations. Being able to easily use that information as it seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day operations is a luxury you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Costpoint’s Employee Module is used to establish and modify employee data for easy use throughout Costpoint. Once an employee is entered into the system you can effortlessly use that data to manage timesheet processes, tax interfaces, and other independent applications. The Employee Module also allows you to add and maintain basic employee information including contact information, salary history, and tax, deduction, contribution, and benefit elections.

Tracking labor is an important feature for organizations that are project based, service based, or just want to increase visibility into their company. With Costpoint’s Labor Module you can maintain and establish parameters such as timesheet cycles, pay types, general labor categories, union codes, union locals, and workers’ compensation codes. This module allows you to track, update, and manage timesheets to help you provide more flexibility for your employees while still maintaining strict control of your labor data and limits. You will also have the ability to maintain more complicated and regulated labor structures such as those required by labor unions.

  Leave is an important part of any firm’s employee package. Having a reliable and beneficial leave structure is one thing you don’t want to underestimate. Costpoint’s Leave Module allows you to easily set up controls for handling leave-related functions, define and set up controls for handling different types of leave, establish control parameters used for leave period-related functions, establish leave codes that represent predetermined schedules for accruing leave types, and automatically generate or reverse leave payout timesheets. Having that kind of handle on your leave format is a huge advantage for both your employees and your organization.

Every organization must manage payroll, it is up to you to decide how easy or hard that will be. With Costpoint’s Payroll Module you can maintain company payroll schedules, deductions, tax tables, workers’ compensation information, employee garnishment and/or tax levy information, bond deduction and purchase information, and employee information all using a single convenient payroll application screen. You have the ability to update, add, or delete employee information and run reports to give you visibility into your company. You are also able to process checks, manage direct deposits, and compute and edit payroll data to stay ahead of the curve.