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Deltek Human Capital Management (HCM): What’s New?

A business of any size can appreciate the power of a dynamic HCM system. Your ability successfully manage your employees on the front & back end parallels the success of your organization. This is why Deltek continues to invest in their HCM capabilities and provide an effective foundation on which to manage your employees. Their […]

You Can Always Get What You Want: Costpoint Implementation Best Practices

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing for a Costpoint implementation is that you are a unique and special butterfly with certain needs that must be met. Yes, that may sound like a cheesy line from an inspirational speaker trying to sell his new self-help book, but we stand by it. This […]

The Difference Between Lowest Price & Best Value When Considering ERP Systems

Let’s start by making things simple. Lowest Price = How much you save Best Value = How much you gain As you will see “Lowest Price” doesn’t always mean it’s the cheaper option. Value is an investment, which means that something with good value will pay off over time. In this article we will discover […]

Compliance Audits: Who They Affect, What to Expect, and How to Correct

A compliance audit is performed to determine whether a company’s processes or transactions has or has not followed applicable rules. These rules can be created by the organization for itself through corporate by-laws, policies, or procedures; can be imposed on the organization through external laws and regulations (ex. DCAA Compliance); or can be a set […]

Know Your Options: Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP

As you venture down the path towards purchasing an ERP system you will eventually have to decide what form of hosting you want. While your system will function fine using either method, it is important to know the pros and cons of each option and the wants and needs of your organization. Let’s start by […]

Moving Beyond QuickBooks & Manual Processes With Costpoint

As businesses grow so do their needs. Their transactions becomes greater in volume and complexity, their customer range expands, their need for better visibility becomes critical, and the list goes on. As the company matures so must the systems that run it, which is why it is important to leave your manual processes & startup […]

GCS to Costpoint

What You Need to Know Before Making the Move   Whether you are pursuing growth or accommodating it you need an ERP system that can handle your complex business requirements. You may be outgrowing GCS Premier because you require: additional indirect rate/pool structures, more visibility into project performance, or require increasing efficiency in processing data […]

Deltek Insight GCS to Costpoint Presentation

Want to learn more about GCS to Costpoint? Check out our Deltek Insight presentation from a few years back: GCS to Costpoint Presentation