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Limitation on Subcontracting Update

As you may have read here a while ago, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included language addressing the limitation of subcontracting for various set asides. Prior to the 2013 (NDAA), set asides included limitations on subcontracting clauses which stated that 50% of the cost of contract performance shall be expended for employees of […]

Food for Thought Before You Protest

You receive notice that you were not the successful offeror and the PM, Capture Manager or CEO is certain that the company did not get a fair shake from the Agency and they are thinking about protesting. You suspect their stance is more passion than business. Is there advice you provide to help the decision […]

How a Protest Involving Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries Effects Everyone

The Matter of G4S-SJC,LLC (G4S); File B-4096394; July 14, 2014 The GAO recently denied a protest based on the Government’s evaluation of an offeror’s past performance submission. The offeror was G4S-SJC,LLC (a Joint Venture [JV] between G4S Integrated Systems, Inc., San Juan Construction, Inc., and G4S International Holdings, Inc.). Per the RFP, past performance submitted […]

CRI Welcomes Longeviti, LLC to the Team

CRI welcomes Longeviti, LLC and its CEO Brandon Long to the team as our latest strategic partner. CRI will be providing Full Business Outsourcing Services to the Longeviti team allowing them the opportunity to focus on developing business in their specialties of Counter Terrorism, Counter Narcotics, Logistics and Language Services. Let CRI help you focus […]