Month: January 2017

Know Your Options: Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP

As you venture down the path towards purchasing an ERP system you will eventually have to decide what form of hosting you want. While your system will function fine using either method, it is important to know the pros and cons of each option and the wants and needs of your organization. Let’s start by […]

Too Good To Be True: The Dangers of Choosing the Lowest Bidder

The government world has become slightly obsessed with the notion of choosing “the lowest bidder”. In the buyers mind it is a win for everyone. They get their needs met for the lowest possible price and the bidding war is open to anyone who wants to throw their number into the ring. Capitalism at it’s […]

Marketing Makeover: Why Companies Should Always Look Their Best

No matter the industry, a company’s image plays a crucial role in their success or lack thereof. The main reason for this is because humans are creatures of instinct. We like to make decisions with our gut. In fact, most of the marketing industry is based on this very idea. When first impressions are made […]

CRI Helps Longeviti Acquire Aderon LLC

CRI has advised Longeviti on their successful acquisition of Aderon LLC. Congratulations to Longeviti as they continue to grow and prosper in this new year. We wish them much success in the future and hope to support them in coming ventures.