Year: 2016

Back Office Support: The Productivity Pick-Me-Up

As a small to mid-sized firm there are certain expenses that can look quite daunting at this stage in your company’s development. You can be overwhelmed with accounting demands, HR requirements, staying compliant, and more. One solution for a growing business at this stage of development is to outsource their back office needs to a […]

Moving Beyond QuickBooks & Manual Processes With Costpoint

As businesses grow so do their needs. Their transactions becomes greater in volume and complexity, their customer range expands, their need for better visibility becomes critical, and the list goes on. As the company matures so must the systems that run it, which is why it is important to leave your manual processes & startup […]

GCS to Costpoint

What You Need to Know Before Making the Move   Whether you are pursuing growth or accommodating it you need an ERP system that can handle your complex business requirements. You may be outgrowing GCS Premier because you require: additional indirect rate/pool structures, more visibility into project performance, or require increasing efficiency in processing data […]

Deltek Insight GCS to Costpoint Presentation

Want to learn more about GCS to Costpoint? Check out our Deltek Insight presentation from a few years back: GCS to Costpoint Presentation

Deltek GCS Premier Phase Out: What is Happening? Why is it Happening? What Should You Do?

What is Happening? After lots of talk around the water cooler for what seems like years now Deltek has announced that effective immediately GCS Premier & Deltek GovCon 1st Essentials has entered into maintenance support. Along with entering this new level of support the clock begins to tick towards those systems entering into a level […]

Deltek Announces GCS Premier & Deltek First Government Essentials Support Drop-Off Plan

Deltek has been transitioning GCS Premier and Deltek First Government Essentials out for a while now, but today they finally announced their plan for cutting support to the longstanding systems. As of today, October 18, 2016, Deltek will be offering Maintenance Support for GCS and Deltek First, which then switches to Sustaining Support on April […]