Month: October 2014

CRI Insight 2014 Newsletter

To see what CRI will be up to at Deltek Insight this year, please take a look at our exclusive Deltek Insight Newsletter.

CRI’s Deltek Insight 2014 Speaker Sessions

CRI has been awarded three speaker sessions at Deltek Insight this year. Stay tuned to get all the updates, free documents, tips, and other information.

CRI Sponsors Charity Golf Tournament

CRI was a sponsor at the PalmerCare 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament that took place on October 16th. Our very own Dave Newton and Jay Gruendl participated in the tournament and were happy to represent CRI in the support of the Laudoun County Public Schools Backpack Coalition Program. The program works to ensure that no […]

Food for Thought Before You Protest

You receive notice that you were not the successful offeror and the PM, Capture Manager or CEO is certain that the company did not get a fair shake from the Agency and they are thinking about protesting. You suspect their stance is more passion than business. Is there advice you provide to help the decision […]