What You Need to Know Before Making the Move


Whether you are pursuing growth or accommodating it you need an ERP system that can handle your complex business requirements. You may be outgrowing GCS Premier because you require: additional indirect rate/pool structures, more visibility into project performance, or require increasing efficiency in processing data related to things like ACRN Tracking or WAWF interfacing with the government. Of course you may be looking at moving to Costpoint because of the recent announcement that DELTEK is ‘Sun setting’ GCS Premier in 2018. Whatever your reason one thing is clear, you are looking for a system that can manage your needs and you want a migration process that is as smooth, effective, and as straightforward as possible.

Within the Deltek Product Line Costpoint is the obvious choice when upgrading from GCS as it maintains government compliance, handles the complexity of your business, and the volume of data created by your growing success. The GCS to Costpoint process comes with a handful of methods for migrating data and CRI wants to make sure that your migration is a smooth one.

Questions to Ask Before Upgrading

To ensure the smoothest transition and safety of your data you must be thorough in the questions you ask of your organization’s needs, the SaaS/hosting vendors, and the software & sales implementation vendors. The more prepared you are going into an upgrade and the more knowledge you have about what to expect the better your experience will be. Please review our “Questions to Ask: ERP System Selection w/ SaaS Services” document to give yourself a better understanding of what you should know before going into an upgrade.

Migration Method

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

We hope this information has helped you in your journey in deciding which GCS to Costpoint path is the one for your business. With the right knowledge of your needs and options you can plan for a successful and advantageous upgrade. CRI is a devoted and valuable partner to have through these transitions. Our experience, time-tested process, and commitment to your business’s success make CRI a great resource to manage your successful upgrade from GCS. Please Contact Us today to learn how our seasoned team of professionals can help your business ensure the correct path in taken for your journey from GCS to Costpoint.