If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I’m sure everyone has heard that phrase before, and from the perspective of current Deltek GCS Premier users it is a phrase that holds a lot of water. Many organizations have operated on GCS for years an have grown to love it’s features, workflows, and interface. It can be daunting to make a change from something you know so well, yet I’m sure the GCS die-hards have been bombarded over the years with pitches trying to get they to upgrade to Costpoint. So, the question is….. Why?

If something is working, why change it? In the professional world, especially the project-based GovCon world, there is constantly another fisher trying to catch your fish. The old method of sitting on the banks on a lazy afternoon and trying your luck will only cut it for so long. If you want to grow, so must your methods, capabilities, and reach. Costpoint gives you the breadth and depth necessary to take on bigger and broader work while keeping you competitive in your industry.



  • Project/Work Breakdown Structures
    • More levels
      • Up to 30 alphanumeric characters with delimiters
    • More complex wins
      • BPAs
      • GWACs
  • Unlimited Indirect Rate Structures
    • More pools needed as a company grows
    • Only so much you can do from a rate structure standpoint in GCS
    • Unlimited number of indirect rate pools
  • Multi-Company Accounting Structure with Multiple Lines of Business
    • Growth
    • Acquisitions
    • Adding new lines of business that might be set up as a separate company
  • Automated & Complex Revenue Calculations
    • Very robust need when you get more and more contracts
      • GSA contracts where you are offering volume discounts
      • Rate/Hour Ceilings
      • Etc.


  • Between Time, Expense, Accounting, and HR (Deltek Suite)
    • Seamless
  • Costpoint 7 Preprocessors to Allow for Data Uploads
    • A/R, A/P Vendor, etc.
    • Have the ability to bring data in from other sources quickly without data consultants
  • Integration with Other Software Packages
    • Benefit Vendors
    • Avoid double data entry


  • One System for All Business Processes
    • Purchasing
    • A/R Collections
    • Integrated
    • Visible and editable at all points of the process
  • Robust Project Management Reporting
    • Get rid of the spreadsheets
    • Make sure Project Managers all have same version
    • Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER)
    • Costpoint Analytics
    • Dashboards, exception reporting, KPI measurements, drill downs/thru reporting


  • Invoicing for ACRN and WAWF
    • Improve Sales Outstanding
    • Easy interfacing with the Government
    • No more spreadsheets
    • WAWF file built into product
  • A/P to Fixed Asset Integration with Ability to Track Government Assets/Property

Costpoint’s ever-expanding capabilities will keep you at the forefront of your industry and allow you to expand in ways you never thought possible. If you are considering making the transition from GCS to Costpoint or would just like some more information, let our experts guide you through the process and leave you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your organization.