What is Happening?

After lots of talk around the water cooler for what seems like years now Deltek has announced that effective immediately GCS Premier & Deltek GovCon 1st Essentials has entered into maintenance support. Along with entering this new level of support the clock begins to tick towards those systems entering into a level of sustaining support on April 30th, 2018. Below we outline what you should now about these support levels.

What Should You Know?

Here are some important dates to remember:

October 18, 2016 – Maintenance Support Begins

April 30, 2018 – Sustaining Support Begins

Why is it Happening?

Though GCS Premier and Deltek First GovCon Essentials have been reliable systems over the past 30+ years, Costpoint offers a more robust solution to help drive your business forward. Over the last few years Deltek has proven it is easy and affordable to migrate to Costpoint from GCS Premier or DFGE. As with the lifecycle of any technology Deltek has decided it is time to phase out the old and bring GovCon project accounting software into the future with Costpoint.

What Should You Do?

For companies that have been relying on GCS Premier and Deltek First GovCon Essentials it can be hard to think about transitioning away from those trusted systems. At CRI we understand this and have helped many companies in very similar positions find comfort in switching to a new system. Our expertise not only covers the breadth of system knowledge, but is rooted in the understanding that businesses are made up of people, and looking out for your best interests, having an honest relationship, and offering peace of mind are just as important as the systems we implement.

Service Provider Options


You have some big decisions ahead of you, and the right relationship can make your job that much easier. Let CRI guide you through your upcoming transition and let your needs be heard by professionals who care and will work to find the best option for your future success.