A lot of people don’t see Costpoint as a human management system. They think Costpoint is strictly an ERP system or that it lacks the HR-centric tools necessary to be a true human management system. This is where we put those myths to bed.

We are all wary of falling into the “too good to be true” trap and don’t believe there is a business system unicorn out there that can excel on all plains. Yet, Costpoint proves again and again that when it comes to capabilities, functionality, and compliance, it leaves no stone unturned. As a human management solution Costpoint checks of all the boxes and gives us a complete system that will never back down in the face of complexity, compliance, or coordination.


Whether you are a government contractor, federal agency, or a firm bound by certain standards of service, it is crucial that you have the tools and visibility necessary to meet the standards required of you. A lot of human management systems have a list of flashy features and fancy dashboards that are supposed to get you saying “Ooooo” and “ahhhh”, but lack the thorough back end work needed to ensure your system meets your compliance requirements. Costpoint is unique in its niche, as it possesses both the flare of a well-designed and functional system and the breadth of a meticulously researched and tested compliance-keeper. Here are just a handful of its compliance capabilities.



An integrated human management system will not only give your HR team real-time data, it will also increase visibility and speed up production so you can maximize your operations. Costpoint’s integrated HR system will eliminate technology and process redundancies while cutting operating costs by as much as 30%. Costpoint’s solution reduces manual work, increases data accuracy, and provides one connected system that manages everything project and employee related.


To put it simply, Costpoint is not only a fully functioning and effective human management system; it is also one of the few human management systems that will keep you compliant along the way. As an integrated, compliant, and capable human management system, Costpoint is a no-brainer solution for GovCons, federal firms, and private contractors alike. For more information please feel free to contact us or visit our website.