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Costpoint® 8

The old standard just got a make-over. Using user feedback and new technology, and following an eight-year gap since the previous major Costpoint product release, Deltek has officially introduced Costpoint 8 to the world. Longtime Costpoint users will enjoy the familiarity of the industry-trusted platform, while users new and old will be able to leverage “more innovation and intelligence across the entire project lifecycle”. Let’s dive into what makes Costpoint 8 unique by starting from the beginning.

For those new to the Costpoint world, Costpoint is a project-based accounting software that covers the entire project lifecycle; managing tasks, vendors, employees, invoicing, and everything in between. Costpoint is web-based and integrates with the systems that make your organization run so you can have more control, transparency, and cohesion at your fingertips.


So, what makes Costpoint 8 unique?

Mobile App

Costpoint 8 now allows you to do much more on the go. Adapting to the way users do business in the modern world, Costpoint 8 integrates intelligent time and expense, an on-the-go CRM, and a more user-friendly and secure system into the palm of your hand.

Smarter Professional Services Automation

Professionals need to be able to see the full picture to deliver a complete and timely project, which is why Costpoint 8 gives users real-time insight into project data. From resource planning to budgeting, Costpoint provides a full picture into what is going on behind the scenes.

Integrated Source-to-Pay

It is important for contractors to be able to source out work to suppliers or subcontractors and pay their invoices with ease. Costpoint 8 integrates the entire lifecycle of a project by keeping all the relevant information and control in one place, thereby simplifying and streamlining the entire source-to-pay process.

Digital Manufacturing

Costpoint 8’s new manufacturing dashboard gives you more insight and control over your pipeline. Now you can see your cycle in real-time to identify choke points, keep track of inventory, and streamline production.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Business Intelligence

Costpoint Business Intelligence takes over for Costpoint Enterprise Reporting, using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring your business intelligence (BI) to the next level. Costpoint 8’s BI can explore and analyze data more deeply to help you understand it better, it can help you organize your data to be more useful, and it can offer suggestions on how to leverage your data better.

Cloud Solutions

New cloud innovation will allow contractors to meet CMMC, FedRAMP, NIST, and ITAR requirements. We know security is paramount to government customers, which is why Costpoint 8 has been revamped with better cybersecurity without sacrificing access.

Streamlined User Experience

Costpoint 8 offers a more integrated system that allows you to more easily access data and navigate the system. A reduction in cumbersome procedures gives users the ability to complete tasks faster, avoid mistakes, and comply more easily.

Upgrading to Costpoint 8 is the perfect time to consider the possibility of hosting via our partnership with Technology & Business Solutions (TBS) Enterprise Class Hosting Services that provides secure remote system access to hundreds of Deltek customers supporting thousands of users every day. Costpoint 8 has many new features and functionality that CRI’s Costpoint® Subject Matter Experts would be happy to show you and your team. Please contact us for a demo or for more information about Costpoint 8.