As CFO your insight into your organization needs to be second to none. You are responsible for being on top of the numbers, up to date, and all-around ahead of the curve. As the backbone of the organization you need to see things before they happen and plan accordingly to ensure your company thrives in the good times and survives in the bad.

To do this you need unmatched visibility, reliable data, and a unified system. Costpoint Analytics gives you all that and more. With the CFO dashboard you are given KPIs and reports that detail:

  • Project performance to give you insight into thriving and struggling projects
  • Forecasting for targets down the road
  • Pipeline and revenue analysis to stay on track
  • Financial analysis for performance verses budgets
  • Labor utilization to staff your projects efficiently
  • Cash Position and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Indirect rate assessment including “what-if” analysis

Costpoint Analytics will change the way you do business by opening up your data, increasing your visibility, and connecting your team, allowing your organization to run like a well-oiled machine.

Dynamic Data

It’s time to move away from excel spreadsheets, 3rd party reporting applications, and other data sources. Your information needs to be centralized, accessible, and dynamic. As CFO you can’t be required to spend time shuffling through manual reports and multiple databases to get the information you need. Your time is more valuable than that. You need a modern approach that gives you deeper insight into your data, more flexibility with that data, and better data integrity.

Costpoint Analytics opens up your data and takes something that used to be static and stiff and makes it lively and malleable. Unlike other reports that give you a frozen snapshot of your data, the CFO dashboard let’s you explore that data as a living entity of your organization and gives you the ability to expand out to view trends over time. With Costpoint Analytics your data is current, it is interactive, it is easy to understand, and it is flexible. It is time for you to change the culture of your company with dynamic, honest, and unified data.

Valuable Visibility

To understand your business better you need to see how it works. That can be difficult when you are reading convoluted reports and relying on manual inquires to stay informed. As a CFO your greatest weapon is your ability to see what makes your organization tick so you can set up your financial strategies and processes accordingly. To ensure you are leading your company to success you need insight you can rely on.

With Costpoint Analytics you can see deeper and broader than ever before. You have the ability to drill down to data from project to project and step back to view company wide financial analysis all with the click of a button. Make your job easier, make your decisions more informed, and make your insight greater with Costpoint’s CFO dashboard.

Connected Community

As an executive it is your job to ensure your organization stays well informed, running efficiently, and on track to meet it’s goals. That can get a little tricky when you are using multiple systems to store data, communicate with your firm, and oversee projects. With Costpoint Analytics you can simplify your data storage, make it easier to access, and use it more efficiently.

Costpoint Analytics uses one connected system to maximize your productivity and keep your staff, board, partners, and clients up to date. It also ensures accurate data so you can make well-informed decisions and saves you time by eliminating manual processes.

Costpoint is opening up new ways for project-based organizations to thrive in today’s markets. With improved dashboards, effective KPI’s, and overall better insight into your data you can ensure you are giving your firm the best opportunity for success. Unlike manual processes and “budget-based” 3rd party systems, Costpoint is an investment. Meaning you will get out of it more than you put into it. Those other systems and processes you are using to barely hold your data together are sunk costs just allowing you to get by. Organizations don’t thrive by doing the bare minimum; they thrive by investing their time and money into opportunities that will pay out in the end. Isn’t it time you invested in your company’s future?